Come Into Your OWN: A 31 Day Leadership Transformation

Shortly after the release of first book in the Come Into Your OWN Series I saw first-hand why the movement is much needed: the book's success was closely followed by personal tragedy and betrayal of the deepest kind....demonstrating that real life is made up of all kinds of experiences. We have a choice: OWN each experience and celebrate the growth we achieve through difficulties, or bury them and wait for them to resurface in unhealthy and unhelpful ways.

As a leader, I won't ask you to do anything I don't do myself. As a friend, I can promise you will be glad you did it.

Take into consideration the past year, and how you have OWNed your circumstances. - Write it down.- Examine and determine your plan of action to OWN your life in a bigger and better way than before.- Write it down...including new and specific details outlined.- Implement your plan by taking action based on a digital calendar or written schedule. - These are elements that create, cultivate and connect leaders with greatness! 'Come Into Your OWN, a 31 Day Leadership Transformation' is for both established and aspiring leaders: expanding your horizons, catapulting your leadership and helping you grow in both self-awareness and outward influence. Enjoy the journey!"

Come Into Your OWN: A 31 Day Experience

How to come into your OWN is a discovery process with many moving parts. Allowing these parts to move in sync and strategically carry out the evolutionary process of embracing oneself, for better or for worse…is a journey.

Operative…words, thoughts, deeds, actions…move you toward or away from owning many aspects of your life, property, feelings, relationships, spirituality, will ultimately decide the direction your actions will lead.

Come Into Your OWN will walk you through a 31 day experience based on a holistic philosophy of taking ownership of ones past and present to gain focus for the future.

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