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Fall Release: Our OWN Series

“Come Into Your OWN – A 31 Day Leadership Transformation”, is Volume II in “Come Into Your OWN” Series.

In this compilation of 31 leadership applications, combined within the original context of “Come Into Your OWN – A 31 Day Experience”, Sherri Motes Henley and bestselling author, Gordon Tredgold (recognized by Inc.com as a “Top 100 Leadership Expert”), collaborate to deliver a leadership impetus to boost your influence, and ultimately enhance your professional life.

$12.99 (Shipping & Handling Included)

CIYO Front Cover

Come Into Your OWN: A 31 Day Experience

How to come into your OWN is a discovery process with many moving parts. Allowing these parts to move in sync and strategically carry out the evolutionary process of embracing oneself, for better or for worse…is a journey. Operative… Words Thoughts Deeds Actions… …move you toward or away from owning many aspects of your… Life Property Feelings Relationships Spirituality Business… …you will ultimately decide the direction your actions will lead. Come Into Your OWN will walk you through a 31 day experience based on a holistic philosophy of taking ownership of ones past and present to gain focus for the future.

$12.99 (Shipping & Handling Included)