Come Into Your OWN – The Movement

Sherri D. Motes and Marybeth Conley launched Come Into Your OWN, the movement in 2016 by way of collaboration.

The journey began on [email protected], a CBS affiliate channel where Marybeth Conley anchors. The invitation for Sherri D. Motes to interview on [email protected] about her launch of Digital Citizen University, an eLearning leg of Come Into Your OWN, connected Marybeth and Sherri in a way that would be considered a landmark moment that even “they” did not realize would evolve into co-hosting The Marybeth Conley Show on a CBS affiliate radio show weekly and Come Into Your OWN, the movement!

This collaborative team collectively exhibits 30+ years of journalism, ministry and business, with Marybeth Conley as award winning anchor and founder of The Marybeth Conley Show, which is making better communities live life larger through financial literacy and overarching educational topics, and Sherri D. Motes as speaker, author and trainer in an array of entrepreneurial, ministerial, artistic and leadership arenas.

This dynamic OWN team has launched an ownership platform to help people across the country identify and pursue their purpose, as they have themselves come into their own, using the Come Into Your OWN experience and leadership principles.

Sherri D. Motes and Marybeth Conley tell all:

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