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I’ve been a registered nurse for 28 years and love my profession.  I have had some of the best experiences of my life as a nurse and truly feel it has been my ministry. For many years I have dreamed of having more time and money to give back and sow into others. With the housing market crash several years ago, my husband, who was building custom homes, was forced to find other work. This was a scary time with no savings, four kids nearing college age and no back-up plan.

In 2012, I was introduced to Rodan + Fields by my daughter, Lauren.  She started using the products and fell in love with her skin. What prescription drugs could not do for her skin, Rodan + Fields products did. After some research, I joined Rodan + Fields as an Independent Consultant as my “plan B.”

The extra money that I was earning allowed me to dream in a way that I never had and opened new opportunities for serving.  I began supporting many causes and finally in June of 2014, found my passion.  I traveled to Jamaica with Colonial Hills Church to serve on a mission trip building Little Blue Houses.  I instantly fell in love with the people, the culture, the language and the food and knew instantly that this would be a part of my life forever!  Sharing the Gospel with those who have not heard, sharing love with those that may have never have experienced it and working in community with my fellow Christian brothers and sisters was an incredible experience that has changed my life.  And it brought me so much joy!

Working 40+ hours a week in my nursing job, I was finding it difficult to work my “plan B” as much as I wanted.  With Rodan + Fields being an e-commerce business, I needed help from someone savvy in social media and the digital world. I met Sherri Henley at a Women’s Conference in October and learned about Come Into Your Own. I instantly felt a connection with her and we decided to meet for coffee.  As Sherri spoke of “social intelligence”, it sounded like exactly what I needed.

Little did I know that Sherri was going to challenge me to get way outside my comfort zone and dig deep for what was already inside. I’ve told Sherri that I came to her about my business, but I found my story. I now OWN my story and my future. The process of self-discovery has led me to have a clear vision for my career, family, team, ministry and mission.

The timing for meeting Sherri, discovering my authentic self and owning my story came at a time of trial in my life and I thank God for giving me such clarity in this season.

I can honestly say that I have Come Into My Own and my future has never looked brighter! I have JOY and eagerness to continue living the life that God designed just for me.

Mary McCammon

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