OWN Your Talents – Sherri D. Motes

As the Come Into Your OWN Founder I am often asked the question, “How did you come into your own?” My answer is simple; “We” all are evolving into our best self every day.

OWNing my talents came easy for me because my Mother prayed, before I was born, that I would be musically talented. I believe I came out singing, and even though I am 5′ 4″, I have piano fingers! The power of a mother’s prayer!

At the age of three I began to play piano by ear and sing in churches across the United States with my parents who were, and still are traveling evangelists. My mother once again coached my brother and me to sing in front of large crowds as a trio with her. There is something to be said about a family singing in harmony!

I went on to study as a music major and found myself in full-time music ministry as a worship pastor at a very young age.

Having published over 30 songs, recorded two solo albums and launched a publishing company, Progressive Praise Publishing, I now realize that OWNing my talents is one of the greatest gifts I have, and will continue to give to others whom God has graced me the honor of ministering to through music.

Music is worship to me. Leading praise and worship in many arenas has brought great joy to my life! Having shared platforms with iconic world-changers in music such as Martha Munizzi, Clint Brown, Vicki Yohe’ and more, I am blessed beyond measure!

Completely – Tribe Records; Produced by Clint Brown

My first solo project, is very special to me. During a time in my life when I was crying out to God for his loving arms to wrap around me, and hold me close, He did!

This album of praise and worship songs is an original compilation for praise teams and individuals who are listening for inspirational confirmation of God’s love, and declaring affirmation of their love for Him.

We Brought Our Best Praise – AudioX Records; Produced By Brian Hardin

The second solo project is praise oriented, recorded with the group, Progressive Praise, founded by Sherri D. Motes as a weekly praise and worship group including the “We Brought Our Best Praise” tour. Lyrics, music, singers and band are original works which speak directly to those who are ready to shout for joy!

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