Come Into Your OWN: A 31 Day Leadership Transformation


Shortly after the release of first book in the Come Into Your OWN Series I saw first-hand why the movement is much needed: the book’s success was closely followed by personal tragedy and betrayal of the deepest kind….demonstrating that real life is made up of all kinds of experiences. We have a choice: OWN each experience and celebrate the growth we achieve through difficulties, or bury them and wait for them to resurface in unhealthy and unhelpful ways.

As a leader, I won’t ask you to do anything I don’t do myself. As a friend, I can promise you will be glad you did it.

Take into consideration the past year, and how you have OWNed your circumstances. – Write it down.- Examine and determine your plan of action to OWN your life in a bigger and better way than before.- Write it down…including new and specific details outlined.- Implement your plan by taking action based on a digital calendar or written schedule. – These are elements that create, cultivate and connect leaders with greatness! ‘Come Into Your OWN, a 31 Day Leadership Transformation’ is for both established and aspiring leaders: expanding your horizons, catapulting your leadership and helping you grow in both self-awareness and outward influence. Enjoy the journey!”

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