Come Into Your OWN Leadership Seminar 2016

November 2016, Come Into Your OWN hosted a leadership seminar in conjunction with the release of the second in the OWN series of books; Come Into Your OWN:  A 31 Day Leadership Transformation, Co-Authored by Sherri Motes Henley and Gordon Tredgold.

Gordon Tredgold, known as the Leader’s Leader, inspired leaders to develop engaged teams with clear plans so they could revolutionize their results.

Focusing on turnarounds, operational excellence, transformational change and strategic implementation, Gordon was passionate about identifying simple methodologies that could be quickly implemented and generate immediate benefits for people and companies.

Come Into Your OWN Leadership Seminar included: 90 minutes of FAST Leadership Principles delivered by keynote speaker, Gordon Tredgold, from his bestselling book, FAST, and focused on…

  • Why we fail and the impact of failure
  • The common causes of failure and how to mitigate them
  • How to increase focus and improve effectiveness
  • How to reduce complexity and increase efficiency
  • How through increasing simplicity we can improve focus
  • How to increase confidence and belief to help inspire your teams
  • How through transparency you can increase accountability
  • How to create a GPS which will help lead your projects to success

All of which equipped attendees to better Come Into Your OWN, and become a better leader!

OWN Leadership Seminar was hosted by Sherri Motes Henley, Come Into Your OWN Founder, and Marybeth Conley, Television Anchor, Radio Personality and Entrepreneur.

OWN Leadership Seminar Package included:

  • 90 Minutes of Leadership Principles with Q and A; Gordon Tredgold, Keynote Speaker
  • Valued Voucher Advance Toward Purchase of Come Into Your OWN: A 31 Day Leadership Transformation, The Book
  • A Working Lunch
  • Coffee and Water
  • Networking opportunities to Build Relationships
  • Business Books Available to Enhance Your Resources
  • Book Signing with Gordon Tredgold

OWN Sponsorships Offered for Corporations, Groups, and Individuals were customized with benefits to meet strategic needs:

  • Radio Packages
  • Social Media Promotions
  • Business Mention and Logo Recognition at Seminar
  • Recognition at Seminar in various capacities
  • Group Seating
  • Executive Chair Seating
  • Book Bundles

Seminar Venue and Sponsor: The Great Hall and Conference Center, Germantown, Tennessee

For more information on sponsorships available for upcoming OWN events, or to host your OWN event in your area, please contact us at 901.820.4469, or email [email protected] 

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